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It bags come and go, but a Coach bag factory is Forever


Coach Swinger 20 bag, RRP $550

Forever is not the kind of word you use lightly. This is because it contains a level of commitment–presumably, whatever is forever is going to be around for a very long time. But in the case of iconic New York brand Coach, the word forever feels fitting. Since 1941, Coach has been crafting youthful yet luxurious clothing and accessories that stand the test of time. It’s why the brand chose to name its   collection, which arrives in Australian stores this week, ‘Coach Forever.’ 

A showcase of the optimism of craft, community and responsibility to the planet that informs the brand, the Coach Forever collection mixes new pieces designed by Creative Director Stuart Vevers with vintage and archival designs. It all fits together seamlessly, of course. As we saw in the campaign video, which stars members of the extended Coach family like Kaia Gerber, Megan Thee Stallion, Kate Moss, Cole Sprouse and Debbie Harry, this is a collection defined by excellent taste and attitude, not age.


Coach Ergo Shoulder Bag, RRP $725

Maybe it’s the power of Juergen Teller’s dreamy lens, or the way Sprouse shows off his Allie bag. But the ‘Coach Forever’ campaign video also got us thinking about a universal truth: There is nothing quite like owning a Coach handbag.

Of course, this has always been a fact. But the New York brand’s ‘Coach Forever’ collection feels like the most articulated example of its timelessness to date. And we’re not just talking about timelessness in terms of trends. This collection marks the first time iconic bags like the Ergo and Swinger have been crafted in Coach’s Original Natural Leather, which is treated with natural dyes and finished with organic wax for the softest touch. It’s designed to endure for much, much longer than one or two seasons. It’s made to last a lifetime, and it's easy on the Earth.


Coach Ergo Shoulder Bag, RRP $895

Away from the runway–every fashion show was held digitally both this season and last–Vevers (with some help from the star-studded Coach family) shows us how to live with his bags. We get a sense of how to style them, fill them with stuff and pose for photos with them. This is all very important. Because no matter how beautiful they look and feel, Coach’s bags are designed to be loved and lived in.


Coach Recycled Tote 42, RRP $350

There is more to Coach than handbags, of course, and Coach Forever illustrates just how playful and pretty the brand’s ready-to-wear is, too. We mentioned that a number of the collection’s looks comprise vintage and archival Coach designs, as well as re-contextualised pieces from the brand’s Autumn 2020 collection, a bold move that effectively reduces the amount of new fabric that’s used.  

It’s worth noting that you don’t often see luxury brands reaching into their back catalogue so soon. But like it’s done many times before, when it comes to recycling and re-contextualising, Coach could set the precedent here, too. Its 100 Percent Recycled Tote, complete with Earth-inspired graphics and up-cycled hardware, is certainly set to become a ringleader when it lands in Australian stores this Earth Day.


Coach Swinger 20, RRP $550

Coach Forever was given its name for a reason. In addition to spotlighting the optimism of craft, community and responsibility to the planet, the bags in this collection are made to be worn, loved, customised, dressed up, dressed down and passed on. Because some things are temporary, but a Coach Bag is forever.


Coach Recycled Tote 42, RRP $350


Coach Ergo Shoulder Bag, RRP $895


Coach Rogue 17, RRP $795


Coach Tote 30, RRP $225